New First Chapter

After going through my novel and making sure it made sense, I discovered that, well, parts of it didn’t, especially with the first chapter. I had to put an event in the first chapter that made a good transition to later on in the book at about Chapter 11.  In other words, something exciting has to happen in Chapter 1 so the reader will instantly remember it later on when the event fits into the timeline. If that sounds confusing, sorry, it does to me as well.

So, I put in one event, actually two, to set up questions and get the reader to wonder what is going to happen later. Please read it and tell me if it captures your interest, and if it is better than the first draft, which isn’t the first draft at all, since I’ve revised Chapter 1 at least 5 times, but my other writer friends tell me this is normal.

What’s normal about writing a book? Umm, nothing!

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