Mom and Me: questions and answers

Me: Mom, where did you live during the war?
Mom: Downtown Los Angeles in the Fairfax District.

Me: Did you have stockings? And if not what did you wear on your legs?
Mom: Stockings were not available so all we had was this lotion that dyed your legs a tan color but it rubbed off on our dresses. It was very messy.

Me: Did you draw seams on the back of your legs to look more authentic?
Mom: Some people did, but I didn’t bother.

Me: Could you get makeup and if so, what kind.
Mom: Just the basics, not all the things you can find now. We had lipstick, rouge powder and mascara.

Me: What kind of things were rationed?
Mom: Sugar, meat, butter, shoes, tires, gasoline. We had coupons for all those things.

Me: Was there a black market?
Mom: Of course. The butcher down the street used to save butter for my mother and give it to her through the back door. I think he had a crush on her.

Me: Thanks Mom, more from her in the next post.

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  • Sue

    I love it, nice hearing about Lois’ life!

  • Dan Alatorre

    So this played a role in your story, huh? “Leopard Eyes” has a very authentic feel to it, so I wondered.

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