Annette’s First Book.

When Sylvie Le Claire agrees to become a spy in occupied France during World War 2 she has no idea how many roles she will have to play–from a mute, brain damaged young woman, to a Parisian prostitute.


After her mother’s death in a bombing and a disastrous love affair, Sylvie and her sister Simone are recruited to return to the French village of their birth to become operatives of a British organization, the SOE. Sylvie pretends to be mute to deflect suspicion as she carries out her dangerous assignment. She falls in love with Andrew, the leader of their network but does not start an affair with him for reasons she is afraid to disclose.


Sylvie’s strength and integrity is tested after Andrew is shot and Simone is arrested, causing her to rely on her newly found courage to save herself and whomever else she can.